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CA Anirudh Tibrewal
Infosys Co.

“G-Glory L-Lasting Memories S-Success That’s exactly how I would define my Alma Mater GLSIBA. Thanks to the immense care, guidance and direction given by the experienced faculty there, I have been able to achieve what I am today. GLSIBA is one of the best colleges in Gujarat for management studies. A warm Thanks to all my faculty members out there. Regards, !!

Dipti Gupta

College education is essentially is the key to success in future. It opens many doors of opportunities and allows us to explore many options available in future.I am a past student of GLS BBA.GLS BBA’s respectable college education gives the students the advantage to lead themselves in the right direction they want to proceed in their life. It guides onto the path to be successful people in society My college has given me the knowledge useful for using in real life.Experience in college not only prepared me for career.

It has prepared me for life outside my career and I have learned a lot during my three years in GLS BBA. The teaching style of faculties make the understanding of the subject matter lucid and easy.Experience in college not only prepared me for career. It has prepared me for life outside my career and I have learned a lot during my three years in GLS BBA. Through interaction with fellow students, professors as well as other college staff, I earned a “degree” in people and social skills that I did not even sign up for. My college provides students with an exceptional infrastructure conducive for learning as well as procurement of fundamental skills. The teachers even when not teaching in the class are always available for mentoring us. My college organized extracurricular activities such as cultural programs, events , orientation of the students which made us learn communication in a group, leadership, taking direction, working as a team , multitasking and many more.
Narendra Jadav
Sr. Officer (Finance)

Three Years of GLS were more practical than theory; it would help me for my successful career. Finance Field is very vast and I am doing my best since more than 6 years. Still learning……. Narendra Jadav Sr. Officer (Finance) Jindal Worldwide Ltd.

Riddhi Ambavale
Assistant Professor
Venus International College of Technology, Gandhinagar

Writing this note as an Alumnus is really a special feeling. During college days, describing a college life has different consideration but, writing about our college days after passing them is altogether a different emotion. It reminds me of old wonderful college days where we enjoyed with friends, played innumerous pranks, poked fun at teachers and learned unforgettable lessons of life. GLSIBA has truly been a great institution for us.

It gave us immense knowledge, not restricting to academics but also helped excel us in other cultural activities. It taught us how to survive in today’s competitive era- not compromising with our values and morals; it did not teach to divert from troubled situations but trained us to accept it with a positive attitude; last but not the least- it gave us the best friends- friends for life. The goal of GLSIBA of treating every child special has genuinely brightened up life of many students; they are not just outshining in professional careers but also flourishing in personal life. It is sometimes so surprising to see our classmates and bench mates doing so well in their life after college. College life plays a key role in transforming character of students. My journey with GLS has undoubtedly changed my life. What I was and what I became after passing GLS is immeasurable. My vision for life changed completely. I learned the true sense of living and loving life and making a good work-life balance. And the credit for this solely goes to the never-ending love, affection and support of professors. It is the roots of this college that is shaping us to become adaptable in any circumstances wherever we go and whatever we become. A hearty thank for all things you did for making our future bright. We are indebted to GLSIBA and its faculty members. Thank You
Sunny Gadhiya
Area Manager, LG Electronics India (P) Limited.

An institute plays a very important role when it comes to professional career building especially into Business Management field. Generally, an institute is responsible to build your academic skills as a primary objective, but I was lucky enough to get regular guidance, opportunities and personalised direction, not only in academic field, but also in soft skills, personality development, creative innovations and leadership at GLSIBA.

I was just an ordinary 12th passed out student that too with ordinary grades when I joined GLS for BBA programme. 360 degree development of the student is the approach of the institute towards their students which is really a rare case in Gujarat. At GLSIBA, I have learned to lead, to perform on public stages, to win with limited resources and also learned to fight hard against all challenges in a positive manner.
Comprehensive Development
Hitesh Kumar Ramchandani
Batch: 2009-12
Currently pursuing MBA at Symbiosis

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) imparts basic management, effective communication and business skills to students which form the foundation of their professional careers and trains effective leaders of tomorrow. GLSIBA has an environment where in each student works hard and strives towards success in various fields. Be it studies, management events or co-curricular activities, GLSIBA has always stood “best against the rest.”

I thank GLSIBA for giving me the platform where I could score distinction marks in my graduation and also be a part of many winning teams in events like dramatics, debate, group discussion, ad-mad, innovation vortex, case analysis, business plans and many more…. which led to my overall development as a human being. These skills learnt at GLSIBA have helped me to face the challenges of the professional world. Lastly, my graduation days have been the times that I shall cherish all my life…!! GLS Rocks !!!
Ishita Joshi (2010-2013 Batch)

Before I go on to tell you what GLSIBA is all about and what my journey with GLSIBA has been like I would like to make one simple statement ,i.e, GLSIBA is a synonym of discipline.It was in the year 2010 that I became a member of the GLS family, and the entire three year journey has been “A Golden Era of my life”. Initially when I joined college I had the same notion as every teenager has that college is all about fun and bunks.No, I am not saying that I haven’t had fun in college but what I am trying to clearly put forward is that discipline and punctuality comes first at GLSIBA. If you follow the limits set for you, I can assure, you will have the time of your life at GLSIBA.
Also, let me bring to your notice that GLSIBA is one institution that gives equal attention to both academics and extra-curricular activities. The students have brought a lot of laurels to the college and have also represented it at the National Level. One thing I can assure you of is that whatsoever, no other college has faculty as supporting and as friendly as GLSIBA.GLSIBA was and will always be an essential part of my life. No matter where I go, I will always carry what GLSIBA has taught and given me with me always.
Jigar Bhatt
Ministry of Home Affairs

"GLSIBA is the college where I learnt to pursue excellence. This is the college where my esteemed professors taught me to survive and win in this competitive world. I owe my present personality and success to this college. I have been able to become a part of Indian bureaucracy because of what I was taught beyond the regular curriculum.

"જોતા જ ગમી જાય એવું કેમ્પસ અને એનાથી પણ સરસ થોડાક નરમ થોડાક વ્હાલા અને મજા કરાવે એવા પ્રોફેસર...કોલેજ ની પરિક્ષામાં માં પાસ થતા પછી પણ ઈત્તર પ્રવૃત્તિ (જિંદગી માં કામ આવે એવી) માં ભાગ લેતા પહેલા શીખ્યા.આજે સફળતા પૂર્વક જિંદગી ના મહત્વ ના મુકામ સર કાર્ય પછી પણ ઈ બુક્સ કરતા દરેક લેકચર માં મળતા ઈ જીવન ભાર ના ભાથા ને આજે ફરી થી તાજા કરવા કદમ ત્યાં આજે પણ જવા ઈચ્છે છે.

Meet Pandya
Novartis India Ltd

Today I am at a good position in "Novartis India Ltd" which is among the top 5 MNC companies. This achievement has been possible just because of GLS Institute of Business Administration (GLSIBA). I was a student of GLS from 2006-2009. I was an average student in the college, but with the support of my faculties, I managed to learn practical fundas in Marketing. On the basis of my BBA degree, I joined Sun Pharma as a territory Sales Executive. My phenomenal success on the designated position, helped me to get a job at Novartis. I am very thankful to all the professors and my college.

Paresh V. Barva
Assistant Junior Clerk Principal Civil Court

Presently I am working at Principal Civil Court as an Assistant Junior Clerk. I have got this job by cracking the competitive exam held by Honorable Gujarat High Court in which approximately 87000 candidates were appeared. Out of them only about 2000 candidates were selected and luckily I happened to be one of them. I had worked hard to achieve it but GLSIBA provided me the right direction and important guidance that led me towards this success.

After studying in GLSIBA, I realized why GLSIBA has its own value in the field of Management education. Though I came from the Government Gujarati Medium School, GLS IBA taught me the academics as well as real management lessons that helped me in my life. People these days consider MBA as the primary requirement for getting the job, but they underestimate the degree of BBA. However, the knowledge that GLS IBA provides is more than even some MBA colleges do. I have got 200 marks in CMAT along with the University Rank in BBA without any tuition classes in both BBA and CMAT. It has been all due to GLSIBA. As said by very popular author Delmore Schwartz “Time is the school in which we learn, Time is the fire in which we burn”. So, how can I manage my time to carve my career efficiently and effectively it was also taught me by the GLS IBA GURUS. I decided to take up a job after BBA and pursue MBA through distance learning. Various efforts of GLSIBA’s faculties like quiz competition, project works, presentation, role-plays; vivas helped me in cracking this competitive exam. I did not know English Language well, but GLS IBA helped me to improve my English Language communication because of that today I am able to speak in English with my colleagues. It means a lot to me. I am the youngest employee at my Court. To get this type of government job at this age is all because of GLS IBA and its faculties. Thank you so much for being Light of my life.

(Saied Reza Birjandi)

I was fondly known as Rezzz during my short, joyful and honourable journey at GLSIBA. To be honest I don't know from where to start but GLSIBA has given me a lot of honour during the time of my journey with them. Thanks to all my faculty members and Vadibhai, Shefali Mam and my friends at that time. The institute was so helpful in academics, extra-curricular activities and also my personal life. I never found so friendly faculties and Principal. I started my journey with the college in the mid of my second year and then found that I was very talented dancer.

My college encouraged me to represent the college in every dancing competition. After graduation, my college gave me an opportunity to choreograph Western dances and fashion shows for the college at various inter-collegiate competitions. I did my best to ensure that the college wins. As a result, my college earned name, fame and glory. Consequently, I also made up my mark as a renowned choreographer of the city and I started choreographing foir many more colleges and academic institutions. I served as Customer Service Manager at Medusinf India Ltd and also as Junior fashion consultant at United Colors Of Benetton. Today I am at London working at Heathrow Airport as Junior Assistant Sales Consultant at company called Travelex -the world famous money exchange company which has more than 10000 stores across the world dealing in billions of currencies. I owe my professional success to GLSIBA- the college which encouraged me for studies as well as helped in fulfilling my dream and passion of creativity. Thanks GLSIBA for everything.
Emphasis on Self Reliance

Donald Trump quotes “Without passion you don't have energy; without energy you have nothing”. I truly believe in these lines and as a result I have followed my passion whole heartedly. After completing my BBA, I always had a choice of the obvious, which is to go ahead in the same field and another choice of following the not so obvious and I chose the latter and am extremely glad to have taken such a decision. My choice of not so obvious, i.e. of making a career in the field of advertising had its seeds sown in the college itself, which through its various activities helped me unleash my talent.

I am grateful to my college to provide me this platform and professors to support me unconditionally. Through this medium, I would like to re state that follow your heart, follow your passion, it can never ditch you! :)
Vijay K. Dhanwani
Director / Founder

My dream came true when I carved it with GLS IBA - I always dreamt of becoming an Entrepreneur and decided to pursue BBA from GLSIBA in the year of 2008. I must say, I did an excellent choice by choosing to pursue it from GLSIBA, now known as J. P. SHAH BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, with standard Infrastructure, awesome college campus and very knowledgeable Professors.
Irrespective of schooling in either English medium or Non-English medium, we were always taught thoroughly the concepts of Economics, Organizations, Business Management / Administrations and relative concepts by our Professors in English as well as in regional language to ensure that we understood correctly. This is what helped me a lot as I had been a Non-English medium student. Experience teaches and that is why, the theoretical knowledge was better thought at the industrial visits organized in the first and second year and afterwards preparing business reports based on the visits to sync the learning added to our knowledge bank. To rush up to my dream, I started working from the second year at contact center solutions providing company which prioritized good communications skills. My first year college education had improved my communication skills immensely. I commenced the business first under the name of VKR Business Solutions in July, 2011 after completing BBA from GLSIBA in the same year. The company was finally incorporated as Dhanwani & Major Intotech Pvt. Ltd. in November, 2012 to go global. Dhanwani & Major Intotech Pvt. Ltd. is an out-bound International contact center services providing company based in the city of Junagadh., incorporated with the main objective of providing cost effective, but excellent sales solutions to its client company based in USA, established in providing Telecommunication, High Speed Internet, Mobility, Tech Support with10+ employees.
Dhruv Jani
Proprietor- Dhruv Oil mills
Dhruv Cotfab Pvt. Ltd
Dhruv Spintex Pvt. Ltd
Global Long life Hospital

I graduated in 2010 from GLSIBA. Well, unlike others I did not pursue any masters’ course further. I decided to join my father’s business. Before I joined our family business, my father had two well set companies. But I had a dream to expand them and outshine my father's name.

Age of 18 was too young to understand the magnitude of running a business. Being a science stream student it seemed not only tough but quite challenging to accomplish my dream. Yet, my strong determination compelled me to opt for a business management course wherein I could gain inclusive knowledge about managing and getting along with my business. Chasing my dream, I enrolled myself in BBA course of GLS. GLSIBA has been a reputed institute. Initially, it was difficult to cope up with those mind teasing and mystifying business terms – all of it went above my head and below my feet. But the support and guidance from faculty members was amazing. It helped me acquire a good amount of practical exposure and master real life business expertise. I was a complete zero when I joined BBA; but after three years of graduation I am a complete changed person – I swapped from a college going adolescent to an adult, matured business man. Well, I am not a great industrialist to assert these statements; but yes, I feel honored to say that I have become a successful business person, and the credit goes to GLS. The BBA course content and the teachings of professors have helped me in achieving success in my business. Today I feel pride to say that from two companies that my father had build, I have expanded it into four businesses and are flourishing well. This is the result of my coaching under the best professors of GLS. The practical know-how that this institution has given me is incredible. Their lessons and teachings were unimaginable and unforgettable. GLSIBA has greatly helped me in grooming my persona and behavior. I learned business etiquettes and social graces; I learned how to build strong networks and create a sound client base; it taught me how to deal with big shots but staying on ground. And the biggest thing is it made me realize - whatever happens, happens for a good. It is a wonder to see how an ignorant college guy can turn into a successful businessman handling four businesses under his name. But friends this is absolutely true in my case. And I acknowledge all my professors and their incessant support and motivation for the same. I wholeheartedly thank you all for making me what I am today.
Niyati Fatnani

G.L.S has played a very important role in my life. It is not just because I made some wonderful friends there and got an opportunity to have some really inspiring professors around but also because G.L.S provided a real good platform in different fields like dramatics, dance and management.

Performing at different levels (college, zonal, state and national) and winning prizes made me more confident, helped me to unleash my potential and find out deep within what I am good at. It is only because of this platform provided by G.L.S that later I got not only an opportunity to act in a Gujrati T.V serial Niharika but also in managerial fields. I feel very lucky and also thankful to help me grow holistically.

Ronak J. Chaudhari

GLSIBA is dream land for me. It is very close to my heart. I enjoyed the best three years of my life in this college. Though the college happens to Management institute, it encouraged us to participate in extra-curricular activities like dance, music, drama and so on. I have fond memories to share with you all. In my First |Year, I got an opportunity to represent Gujarat University in the event of skits at West Zone Inter-University Youth Festival.This incident changed my life thoroughly. My college and my faculties encouraged me to participate in Dramatics further more.

As a result, I got the best Actor Award for one Act “Gardarbh Geeta” at Ellisbridge South Zone Inter-collegiate Youth Festival. After finishing my Third year, I also got chance to play a small role in the Gujarati serial Niharika and many more short films. Today, I am on the path of realizing my two dreams, viz. pursuing MBA and Acting. Thank you GLSIBA for bringing about sea-change in my personality.
Viral Desai

After completing my school education, I took admission in GLS College for BBA which was a stepping stone for my career. The practical and the business knowledge shared by my college faculties lectures shaped my vision which actually helped me in setting up my goal to start up my own business.

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